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You can help break the cycle of poverty and crime
Right now, your hard-earned tax money is being spent on sticking plasters. On trying to deal with the effects of young people dropping out of society, rather than prevent it happening in the first place. In 2013, there were 11,940 young people aged 16-18, all doing nothing useful, in the West Midlands. There were 2,920 in Birmingham alone. These young people are costing the UK up to £155 million per week* in unemployment, lost output and crime. In the next 10 years, it’s likely to cost the UK Treasury around £28 billion. Don’t you think that’s staggering? We do. And that doesn’t take into account future generations born into this cycle of poverty and crime. Don’t you think it makes more sense to catch these kids before they fall through the cracks into unemployment? To spend a smaller amount of money to prevent the problems than to deal with them later? You can help us do that. Please donate today.


Your generosity will help young people like Vivian. Read her story here.

The cost to society is more than just pounds and pence
But what’s worse is the human cost. Young people who drop out and can’t find work feel marginalised, pessimistic, and out of control. Nearly half feel they’re not part of society and more than a third believe they’ll never have a chance of a job. When society marginalises people, every problem is magnified. Every day becomes about survival, not about living. Contributing productively is not high on these people’s list of priorities. There is a strong causal link between unemployment and crime. And there’s a strong causal link between educational underachievement and crime.

We’re dealing with a preventable crimewave
Aren’t you fed up of trying to deal with these effects? Of avoiding the no-go areas in your community? Of throwing money at the problems caused by social exclusion? We need to tackle this at its source. And that means not allowing these young people to drop through the cracks in the first place. Not excluding them from education and society. Not marginalising them, but drawing them into communities and showing them how to belong. At Values Academy, we catch the ones who are slipping through and give them one last chance to turn their lives around and create a future worth working for. You can help. You can put funds where they will do the most good. By donating today, you can help fund another place for a child who is about to slip through the cracks.


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*Upper estimate by The Prince’s Trust.