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Dear Parents, Carers and Values Academy students, 

I hope that you and your families are well and staying safe. Although the restrictions have been lifted, and the majority of adults have been vaccinated, people are still contracting the illness and hospitalisations are rising.

Should any student have to stay at home for a period of isolation, please see below for resources that can be used to continue learning, in addition to being able to login top o Google Classrooms. Teachers will also continue to send work to you throughout this period  

If you have any issues accessing Google Classrooms, please contact me and I will be able to support you. 

We are currently using Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, Mathletics. All of  these sites can be accessed via Google directly. We have also provided links via our Values  Academy website. 

To access the links, search for Values Academy, once on the site click on STUDENTS, next  click on ONLINE RESOURCES. You will then see links to the available sites. If you  experience any difficulty you will be able to access these sites directly via Google. You will  be able to access the sites on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone that has access to the  internet. 


The links are also shown below 

Oak Academy 

BBC Bitesize 



To start you off you are being asked to follow a series of Citizenship lessons that will  reinforce the learning you have completed in school and link to other subjects that will be  sent later in the week. You will also receive regular Maths, English and Science updates. 

  • To begin go to the Values Academy Website, Click on STUDENTS 
  • Click on ONLINE RESOURCES. Click on the link to Oak Academy  Click on Pupils 
  • Click on Subjects 
  • Click on Key Stage 3 
  • Choose Citizenship 
  • Click on ‘Citizenship: What’s it all about?’ 
  • Begin lessons by clicking on lesson 1 

Watch the lesson video and follow the instructions from the teacher. I found the lessons  fun to do and very interesting and I think you will too. 

If you are unable to print, please do not worry, all you will need to have available is the  internet, paper and a pen or pencil. 

We will continue to be in regular contact with you all, and please do not hesitate to contact  us if you need any advice in the meantime on the addresses below. 


School Principal


Head of Teaching 


School Leader








Good luck and enjoy the lessons available, it is worth looking at the other subjects too, I  would particularly recommend the History and Geography. 

I look forward to seeing you all soon 

Good health and take care 


Yours sincerely 

David Lovegrove 

Head of Teaching


Letter to Values Academy Nuneaton students Remote Learning 071220 DL