Vivian Chinasa Ezugha came to Values Academy labelled as violent and disruptive. She was kicked out of two schools and thought her chances of being successful in life were over.

Vivian said: “The times I spent at home made me depressed, sad, angry, and disheartened. Moreover, I found my voice through art and at Values I was encouraged and pushed to become a person of integrity. I am where I am today because I had the opportunity to meet the most wonderful, caring, loving and inspirational people.

“When I first came to Values I was scared that I would become a victim of bullying again and that would mean that I would go back to violence as a way of solving my problems. However, they helped me to find strength and I was challenged to be the best as well as nurturing my passion for art. The school respected each child as an individual and had zero tolerance for bullying; this in return gave me confidence in knowing that I could be educated in a safe environment.”

Vivian didn’t have a perfect education. She didn’t get straight As and take the traditional route into higher education.

But she succeeded: she is studying Fine Art at Aberystwyth University and will be working with the Welsh Government when she graduates.

Isn’t that worth investing in?

Vivian came to Values Academy for five years. Altogether, it cost just under £25,000 to work with her, educate her, and help her turn her life around.

Compare that to the cost of an unemployed young person over five years – around £45,000.

Then there’s the contribution Vivian will make to the economy throughout her life. Plus, her children will have a much better start in life, should she have children – and that’s priceless.