Taneita’s Halloween Social Event

A social event was planned for the end of half term with the theme of Halloween. Taneita spent most of the week planning and preparing with the help and support of a mentor. Initially, Taneita did a mind map with ideas for the event. After deciding which events were feasible Taneita produced a timetable of events on Publisher which was displayed around the school.

The next step was to put a list together of resources required such as decorations for the rooms; cooking ingredients to enable Taneita to bake some Halloween goodies and snacks for the cook to include in a buffet. A shopping trip was then organised.

The day before the actual event, Taneita spent time baking cup cakes and decorating them to make them look scary and fun! Taneita worked extremely hard to decorate most of the school in a ghoulish and scary fashion. There were spiders and cobwebs at the windows; a very large spider made from scratch on the ceiling; the canteen had blacked out windows and the tables were decorated carrying the theme throughout.

On the actual day of the event, Tanetia encouraged staff and young people to dress up as witches, monsters and mummies to enhance the theme. Students were greeted at the door by a masked vampire giving out treats. There was a packed timetable including a graveyard treasure hunt; wrapping staff up in kitchen roll so that they looked like mummies – they then had to have a dance off! There were quizzes, Halloween bingo and prizes given at the end of the day and a good time was had by all.

Taneita said “lt was very eventful. I enjoyed the baking and planning for everyone and watching everyone have a good time with everything I had prepared. I am now looking forward to being involved in the Christmas event”.