Shenade’s Time at Values Academy

I am currently studying health and social care level 1 along with English and Art at Sandwell college. I am enjoying college and have made a lot of new friends.

During my time at Values Academy the staff did anything and everything to make my time there as enjoyable as possible.

My mentor was fantastic, she was very supportive and pulled out all the stops to make sure I was happy and achieving well.

Even if it meant nagging down my ears, it got the job done!

The staff at Values academy took me on numerous trips to places like Drayton manor and the lighthouse youth club. During the spring and summer terms we wold go to the park twice a week and in the winter and autumn we would go to futsal to let off steam and chill out.

We also went to the Think tank museum and on a four day residential to lngestre Hall. They even gave us reward trips into the city centre for Pizza Hut… YUM !

Being at Values academy helped me to grow as a strong and positive person and it helped me to achieve some good GCSE grades.

I met some very nice people along the way staff and friends, old, young, big, small, purple and green. I will cherish the good memories and remember those that made me who I am today.

Thank you all at Values Academy,