Latisha expressed an interest with make-up and beauty. She decided to organise a catwalk presentation to display her make-up designs to the whole school.

She worked on this project over the space of four weeks. This involved researching make-up designs as well as creating  her own designs. She also took a trip into town to choose her make-up which she wanted to use on the catwalk. A few day before the presentation she organised how the catwalk was going to be managed and carried out.

Latisha got a group of students and teachers to help her. On the day, with help from her mentors she was able to create a stage with lighting and music.

Both students and mentors had Latisha’s make-up designs on their faces, which they walked down the catwalk to the members of the community.

This project helped with Latisha’s personal development and confidence. She was extremely proud of herself as well as staff members and students.