Online Payments

Your generosity is changing generations, not just lives.

When you donate, you’re helping to break the cycle of poverty and crime that brings so much misery to society.

You’re giving a young person a last chance to get an education to be proud of.

Your generosity gives a young person the self-esteem they need to do something meaningful and lasting.

Thank you.

You’ve probably seen several well-known charity donation sites, but you might not have heard of MyDonate. We’ve chosen to use MyDonate because it means more of your money goes directly to help our young people.

MyDonate is run by BT and doesn’t take any commission from your donations. Nor does BT earn any money from donations made online using MyDonate. In fact, the only costs are a 13p credit card fee or a 15p debit card fee.

That means that on a donation of £10 that is eligible for Gift Aid, Values Academy receives £12.37 for a credit card donation and £12.35 for a debit card donation.

We’d like to keep you up to date with how your generosity is making a difference. If you’d like to follow our progress, please pop your name and best email address in the box below.


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