We are a charity

A little history
Values Academy became a registered charity in 2009 (number 1131991). Our mission is to improve quality of life for young people through values-based education.

The charity now hosts 2 DFE registered independent special school with an emphasis on social and moral development. It recruits from young people who have experienced failures in mainstream education. Our success rate is superb: every year, the vast majority of our students leave with nationally recognised qualifications and go on to further education, training, or employment. We start from the premise that we set young people up to succeed and we realise that every student has plenty of potential. Values Academy recognises and encourages that potential, using a range of techniques to support academic and vocational learning. Our skilled, dedicated teachers and mentors support our students, who work extremely hard to improve their academic and social lives.

Our funding
Our funding comes, in part, from local education authorities. But that just about covers the basic costs. Our students deserve top quality classrooms and educational resources, and with the generous help of our donors, we’re working hard to give them first-class facilities.

A large proportion of our funding goes to pay teacher and staff salaries, building costs and educational resources. Part of the reason for our students’ success is our high staff-student ratio. Young people work one-on-one with a mentor, or in small groups, so our staffing costs are higher than you may expect.

Values Academy’s principles are respect, courage, honour, compassion and integrity. We work with our young people to help them build self-esteem, empathy and a sense of community – without those things, academic achievement will be difficult if not impossible. With this in mind, our students take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and visits, none of which would be possible without funding.

Our trustees
Our charitable status means that we have a board of directors, who are trustees. We are extremely fortunate to have a talented and dedicated group of experts who advise and oversee the running of the school. Trustees don’t receive any payment for their services (except for expenses), so we are able to plough more of our income directly into helping our students.

You can help us to change lives. If you would like to donate money or resources to help more young people turn their lives around, please contact us today.