Pupil Premium Funding: Making A Difference

Values Academy received Pupil Premium funding for the first time during the academic year 2013-2014 – and again for this academic year.

Last year, we received £7,880 for 11 students. This year, Values Academy received £3,435 for seven students. We’ve got a little left over and expect to receive more funding later in the year, which we’ll be using to provide extra teaching support – and to buy laptops and tablets for students who don’t have access to IT at home.

Click here to read the full report from January 2015.

The idea behind the Pupil Premium funding is that schools can use the money to help raise the attainment of pupils who have a tough time of it, closing the gap between them and their peers.

We’ve been able to invest our Pupil Premium in a range of areas, buying new curriculum resources like Cornerstones.

Curriculum Resources

The Cornerstones Curriculum, for example, has helped us to develop our bespoke curriculum further. The resources are cross-curricular, so they’ve enabled us to enrich our lessons and help students to do better right across the curriculum. The new resources are relevant, engaging, and our students are more motivated to learn and do well as a result.

Our young people have become more involved in their learning and have started to show much more enthusiasm in planning their futures and setting targets for improvement. One of the most notable ways our students have improved is the quality of their written work. We’ve been really impressed by the changes we’ve seen since putting some of the Pupil Premium to good use!


We’ve also invested in some new reading books that really keep their attention. They relate to students’ real lives, so they’re relevant.

The supporting programme fosters progress and deepens learning. This is great, because improving our students’ reading skills increases their access to all other curriculum areas, helping to increase their attainment and achievement.

Ultimately, this improved achievement increases their chances of success in life and enhances their quality of life.

PSHE Resources

Issues covered by our new PSHE resources are of great significance for our students. When they work on these resources, our students are able to accept and challenge their life choices – and this allows them to remove barriers to learning.

IT Resources

We’ve been able to provide a new laptop for a student who badly needed one – and we have plans to buy more laptops, as well as tablets, for other students who don’t have access to IT at home. This will make a real difference to their learning, because they’ll be able to study independently at home.

This is really important for our students because it not only helps with their school work; access to a laptop develops skills for the future and for the workplace. The world is a technological environment, and we want to make sure all our students are well-prepared for it.

As our students become more confident with technology, in all curriculum areas, their fear of failure is reduced and they begin to aspire to much more than they did before. We can see attitudes changing before our eyes, and that’s priceless.