Values Academy


alues Academy provides a holistic approach.

It runs a therapeutic curriculum which operates alongside the academic curriculum. Staff have the expertise and training to deliver the therapeutic sessions such as Anger Management, Self Esteem Programmes, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice Sessions. All students benefit from the programmes that operate on a rolling process throughout the year. In the therapeutic curriculum, students are taught self-control, self regulation: which encompasses an aggression replacement training model, which coaches emotional intelligence and removes barriers to learning.

Every student is provided with a personal development session each week. This addresses personal issues and also removes barriers to learning. From these sessions students are referred onto external services, such as Aquarius, Life Line etc.

All of the teaching and learning is underpinned by respect, courage, honesty, compassion and integrity. Students are encouraged to play an active role in the running of the school.

Values-based education is at the core of what we do and Values Academy is committed to ensuring a better outcome for its young people. We work closely with other agencies to meet and exceed the guidelines. Whatever their background, we support children and young people to achieve more.
The Values- based education focuses on:

  • Pro-social values, holding each individual in high esteem and valuing their development potential.
  • Thinking deeply and clearly. Our young people learn to think for themselves, encouraging emotional and moral maturity.
  • Stimulating development through a sense of community.
  • Developing empathy and encouraging young people to care for others.
  • Valuing education and knowledge.
  • Translating values gained at school to practical living outside of school.
  • Preparing for life after school at college, training or employment

This is embedded into the Values aspect of the teaching and learning

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We offer:

  • Five GCSE qualifications in addition to Functional Skills in
  • English, Mathematics.
  • GCSE English Language and Literature
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Art and Design

The curriculum also offers certificates in Preparation for
working life, ASDAN, Cultural Studies and Personal Social
Moral Education.


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